Thursday, January 18, 2007

Princess cake in California!

We have found this little bakery that makes "princesstårta"! It tastes almost like the Swedish one!

And it's called "Princess cake". When I've asked the bakery, they don't really know why they actually make this cake or its origin.

I've been trying to figure out if this cake is actually Swedish (as I think most Swedes would think). It seems it was created in the 1930s for the Swedish princesses Margaretha, Märtha and Astrid (daughters to the late king Gustav V's brother Prince Carl), originally called "Grön tårta" (green cake).

And obviously it has found it's way to California.

I have no idea if you can find it in other parts of the US (or California for that matter) (except as frozen in the IKEA food store), but I'm glad we can celebrate birthdays with a little princess cake!


Annika said...

Lucky, lucky. lucky YOU!!! That is my favorite cake! Love it! No, I've never seen one here in the DC area. Yes, sure at IKEA, frozen, but...

Now I want a piece of Prinsesstårta!!!

JaCal said...

Isn't it great! And it's actually pretty good! And only a 7 minute drive away... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ser ju helt enkelt skitgott ut... mmmmm..