Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going on the road - in Timbuk2 style

This upcoming weekend I'm hitting the road. I'm off to Europe - going to Stockholm through Paris and Brussels. Paris to meet friends during a 24 hour long stop and then on to Brussels for a conference and then Stockholm for work.

It's going to be a long trip - I'm going to Paris through Dallas. Then taking the train to Brussels from Paris and then flying up to Stockholm. I'm going to pack light - travelling only with a carry-on and my laptop bag. I don't dare check luggage - I don't have time to loose it anywhere.

So now I'm going to be one of those annoying people with a big bag to squeeze in the overhead compartment.

I have lots of bags since I travel a lot - but I really didn't have a good carry-on in the right maximum dimensions. Bags is a great deal to me - they have to function and do their job during all those hours and hours when on the plane and on airports.

And so since I'm a Timbuk2 fan I got their Checkpoint bag this fall. I tried it out on my recent trip to Atlanta and it was great! I can carry an extra pair of shoes in the shoe pocket, there is an internal compression flap keeping my clothes in place, a secret pocket - and it has handles on all sides- making it so easy to get in and out of the overhead compartment. And - it rolls on skateboard wheels - so a lost wheel should be easy to swap. Love it!

And since I'm going to travel with a carry-on I'm carrying my laptop, phone, books and magazines in my Commute Slim laptop bag, United allows you a carry-on and a "computer case". If I didn't travel with the carry - on I would travel with a larger laptop bag.

Now if only the flights were shorter, the security easier, the airport nicer - then it would be a breeze to head off to Europe...


Annika said...

Oj, hur länge blir du borta? Lång resa låter det som, och du flyger via Dallas denna ggn!
SÅ smart att inte checka in ngt bagage! perfekt!
Timbuk2 låter riktigt bra. Vi ska ju hem i jul och vi måste ha två nya resväskor. Ska kolla in märket.
Lycklig resa, Jacal!!!

JaCal said...

Annika - det är en galet kort resa... kommer tillbaka nästa lördag efter att ha swoschat runt i Europa. Det dumma med att inte checka in är ju att man inte har något att lägga Sverige saker i när man åker tillbaka. Nu ska jag få låna väska av lillebror... Jag älskar mina Timbuk2 väskor...;-)