Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

One of my kids' favorite (at least the Son's, the Daughter is a bit more cautious) books is Till Vildingarnas Land, or Where the Wild Things Are (as is the original title). Before we started the The Little Engine That Could-addiction, the Son had a major Where the Wild Things Are-addiction. 

I knew it was being made into a movie and today I saw the trailer. Seems they've kept pretty close to the American author and illustrator Maurice Sendak's illustrations. 


Indie said...

A favorite book when both my boys were little. Now my boys are all grown up, so who will go with me to see this film?

JaCal said...

Indie - I'll go with you! ;-) I might have kids - but since we haven't yet got through Finding Nemo - they will be in high school before the would dare to see this one.

Ally said...

I have a 33-year old friend who was scared by Nemo so I understand where they're coming from.

I was afraid of a lot of movies as a child, so I figured out early on how to prep my children and they seem to only have been scared by one movie (Emil från Lönneberga) because I didn't know it well enough to anticipate how to get them ready for a scary dad chasing them. Monsters aren't scary but parents threatening to beat the crap out of them, very scary.

I'll have to check this movie out first. I tend to only let the kids see movies I've seen first so I know how to walk them through the entire plot first so there are no surprises. We also talk about some of the stuff they'll see. There is still one movie from my childhood that I won't show them because *I* can't watch it. It's a movie with puppets, how sad is that?

I know Spike Jonze makes rather unconventional movies so I'll definitely be catching this one without the kids first.

Hairy Swede said...

you don't need young kids to go to this movie with. I'm 25 and still love this book. Some things never stop being a favorite.