Monday, March 23, 2009

Surprise sleepover

I spent the Saturday in downtown San Francisco attending a "barcamp" - an "un-conference" on a topic dear to me. It was really fun - but pretty intense. During the day I saw in my RSS reader on my BlackBerry  that a dear friend, nicknamed "Star", was stuck at home with severe backpain in PaloAlto while her family had taken off to Point Reyes for a family weekend. I decided to go down there after my "un-conference" and keep her company - it's just a 20-30 minute drive south from San Francisco. 

I ended up staying the night and having tons of fun, eating pizza and ice cream, watching Australia and silly documentaries on TLC. In the morning I took off for Sacramento after a great weekend (thanks Star!). 

I really do miss my TomTom GPS that was stolen out of the car right before Christmas. The new Mio we have sure has it's own ideas on the best way... When going to PaloAlto I was guide on small streets through Redwood City, Menlo Park until finally reaching the destination in PaloAlto. When leaving it took me on a tour through downtown PaloAlto before letting me hit the highway and the Dumbarton Bridge. I'm starting to wonder if it's more a "sightseeing" GPS than a "get you to your destination" GPS...  I would probably have gotten around quicker without it, and just checking the direction of the sun and using my common sense... 

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