Thursday, December 04, 2008

A new word in English #5

I went food shopping today. I'm usually never food shopping, that most often falls on the Husband, the chef in the house. When I'm food shopping he thinks I come home with weird and the wrong stuff, so he usually brings the Daughter. The Daughter knows her way around the store better than I. But, the Husband has back spasm (again... can you hand Husbands to some repair place under warranty??) and can't smoothly get in or out of the car.

On the list was ketchup. I don't like ketchup and haven't really paid attention on where in a US store you can actually find it. After walking up and down the aisles I found it and realized that it was in the "condiment" aisle. I have always wondered about that word and when I got back home I looked it up.

It's a pretty good word! Covers a lot of things in on word. Condiments = krydda, smaktillsats, kryddad sås in Swedish (according to Nordsteds Stora Engelska Ordbok).


So know I know where I will find the ketchup next time.


Anna said...

Jag höll på att bli tokig en gång när jag pluggade i Canada och travade gång upp och gång ner i mataffären medan jag letade efter majonäs... Jag är ingen regelbunden användare av majonäs så jag vet inte riktigt om jag skulle hitta det i svanska matbutiker heller, men här blev det extra frustrerande eftersom jag inte visste om jag letade efter en tub eller en burk... Visste inte om det fanns vid kyldiskarna eller i hyllorna. Var tvungen att fråga till slut.

JaCal said...

Anna - ja, man kan bli helt tokig ibland... fast nuförtiden känns det som jag är fast i "ingemansland"- har tappat orienteringen även i svenska affärer... travar och travar... Majonäsen är nog säkert i condiment gången... nu måste jag kolla det nästa gång (jag använder heller aldrig majonäs).

Ally said...

Man, I feel bad that Husband can't seem to shake his back problems. Would he consider a chiropractor?

I don't think I'm truly American and detest ketchup. I also don't like mac n' cheese, perhaps I'll be forced to renounce my citizenship.

I think of you has having a very extensive vocabulary in English, so I'm amused to learn that you can now add "condiment" to the repertoire.

Did you hear me learn a new word at your house? "Otymplig"

JaCal said...

Ally - probably not... I think he is set on "time will heal".. sigh... I pass on mac n' cheese - never would I have thought I would one day have kids who would answer "mac n' cheese" to the question what is your favorite food... ;-) I don't know how I have missed that word... I've seen it in the store so many times - and now I finally checked it up. Good word! Just like "otymplig". ;-)

Anna, Fair and True said...

Det är ett ganska bra och samtidigt roligt ord faktiskt!