Monday, August 18, 2008

I want a king

After a restless night, resulting in back pain, I once again curse that day when we decided that a queen size bed would do just fine, since we couldn't find a bed frame for a king size bed. Who cares about a bed frame in the darkness at 3 am?? At that point, you only want a wide enough bed to fit everybody - especially yourself. But then, that was before knowing how much space a sleeping toddler use, should they decide that there are monsters in the closet.

American bed sizes comes with names, twin, full, queen and king. King being the largest (193*203 cm / 76*80 in). The difference between a queen and a king size bed is 41 cm (16 in). 41 cm is a loooot of space for a bed...

The interesting thing though, when I quickly browse through my favorite furniture places online (such as IKEA and Scandinavian Designs), there are still very, very few (good looking) bed frames for king size mattresses. Why is that... king size beds are so big bedframes would not even fit? King size bed people don't care about frames?

Well, maybe I'm going to join that last group and skip a bed frame, because even though I really do like our (birch, Scandinavian, calm) bedroom set, at 3 am I really coldn't care less...

(A very Scandinavian bedset from Scandinavian Designs)


Anonymous said...

at least you can get a good affordable bed if you want. I'm an american living in sweden and I have been looking for a decent (sealy, simmons or something, under $1000) big bed for 3 years now and havent come close unless I want to spend $4000.

Anonymous said...

Jag tycker det är lite konstigt , att så många vill ha Queen size bed istället för King. Har en vännina som nu har tänkt att byta ut sin King bed till en Queen, min fråga är varför? De bor väldigt stort, så deras sovrum är stort så där får King sängen plats utan problem.

Själv sover jag i en King size bed med Hästen madrass, är väldigt nöjd med säng gaveln till sängen. Vi har en byrå, spegelbord mm allt i samma stil.
Köpte det i en affär som tyvärr inte finns längre.
Men jag skulle leta pa Naturwood furniture tex.
Men lycka till i letandet! Jag tycker det är väldigt skönt att ha plats i sängen.

Ps. Jag har skickat dig ett mejl.

JaCal said...

Anonymous - yes, isn't it totally crazy!? Just as with strollers - beds are "luxury" items in Sweden - it's crazy! You can get a smaller car for the same price as stroller and a medium size car for the same price as a bed. I feel for you... too bad shipping is a bit too much - or you could ship one from here - with the dollar exchange rate it's even more cheap.

Veronika - ja, speciellt eftersom alla hus alltid har dessa master suits med större sovrum. Det är verkligen konsitgt att det inte finns fler bedframes till king - finns inga på Scandinavian Designs t ex och bara ett fåtal på IKEA. Jag gillar ju ljusa träslag, raka linjer... svårt att hitta.

Petchie75 said...

Inte behöver man väl egentligen en sk bed-frame? Det viktigaste är ju plats! Finns det inte fristående "sänghuvuden"? Och så kan du sätta typ en bänk / kista vid fotändan!
Vi har haft en 2-åring på besök i 10 dagar och hon ÄLSKADE vår king-size bed - hon hoppade och rullade runt och ville helst att morbror och moster (vi), mamma och mormor skulle vara i sängen samtidigt!

Ally said...

I had the hardest time when I lived in Sweden with mattresses. I swore that when we moved to the US, I'd have the biggest, nicest bed we could find.

We have a California king (longer than a regular). The downside is that we don't have a headboard which makes the room look unfinished but as you say, who cares when it's the middle of the night.

I'm surprised you guys don't also have a CalKing given you and your husband is taller like us. I say throw that queen up on Craig's List and just the ranks of the happy California King owners. :-D

Ally said...

"Is taller", yeah excuse the poor English skills please. Ooopsy.

JaCal said...

Petra H - jo... det är ju så... Jo, man tycker ju att det borde finnas sänghuvuden. Jag har ju lite svårt för amerikanska sängmöbler - höga och stora och mörka... gillar ju det lätta och ljusa... Får leta lite mer.

Ally - oh, lucky you! A California king - pure luxury!! But why is it so hard to find frames or headboard?? It's a mystery... In all the stores you can easly find the bedding...? Yeah, can you imagine this huge Scandinavian family trying to fit in a queen... The son can't get out of his crib yet, but when he does, I bet it's going to get crowded... Haha - nice to know that even native speakers do mistakes. And at least you notice them - I just happily continue to write, unaware of the tons of mistakes I do... ;-)

Anna, Fair and True said...

To anonymous: I think Ikea has pretty cool things these days, and their mattresses and bed frames are very affordable. We have a Malm bedframe in walnut which is very stylish (can't remember the name of the mattresses though, probably Sultan something). But sure, it isn't Hästens.