Friday, March 28, 2008

Shame on TSA

As a frequent flyer I have spent lots of time in airport security - and more after 9-11. And even though I have found my "flow" to get me through as quickly as possible, going through security is probably one of the worst part of flying. I don't mind heightened security - after all - I'm going to be on that plane. But the feeling of being treated like unworthy cattle is hard to shake off sometimes. You can check id, x-ray hand luggage, have people remove their shoes and still say "hello", "welcome", "have a nice flight".

Yesterday the news about a woman having to remove her nipple piercings to be able to pass through security broke. And even though nipple piercings is not my kind of game, the story really, really upsets me.

Male TSA* personnel, refusing to inspect the small piercings after a hand held metal detector beeped, even as the woman offered, but instead giving the woman pliers to take them off. The woman is asking for an apology and I, for once, almost wish she would do like so many Americans do - sue!

Since when can nipple piercings be considered a threat?

And how come you can go through security with hardwire in your bras - but not with nipple piercings? After all, the hardwire is long, sharp and could probably do some harm if you really wanted to. Or how can men have belts with large, metallic buckles. After all, a belt could probably be used to strangling someone.

This is a low point for TSA.

Here is a video about the incident.

*TSA = Transport Security Administration is the authority responsible for all airport security in the US.


Petchie75 said...

Or with PENS - you could stick a pen in an eye or an ear!! What a lethal weapon when you think about it!
(vet inte varför jag skrev på engelska helt plötsligt, ha ha)

Anonymous said...

And think about it, if you would like to smuggle more than 50ml of fluids on a plane you could just use the Winerack (or the Beerbelly). You could fill that up without setting off any alarms. And for TSA to bother with nipple piercings - damn! There must be better ways to protect passengers from terrorists

Lullun said...

Otroligt! Ja, det borde finnas massor av vettigare saker de kan använda sin tid till!

JaCal said...

Petra H - yup... or the knifes readily provided in the first class cabin... sigh..

Paul - aha - there you go! Yes... it's a very sad day when the TSA is spending time with nipple piercings...

Lullun - ja, framförallt kan de bete sig bättre.

Anonymous said...

What about pierced private parts...?


JaCal said...

Anonymous - yes... THAT I wonder too...