Friday, March 28, 2008

TSAs mediocre response

The TSA has responded to the "nipple incident" (see post below) and the woman's request for an apology:

"TSA has reviewed the circumstances related to the screening of a passenger with body piercings that occurred recently in Lubbock, Texas. It appears that the Transportation Security Officers involved properly followed procedures in that incident. They rightly insisted that the alarm that was raised be resolved. TSA supports the thoroughness of the Officers involved as they were acting to protect the passengers and crews of the flights departing Lubbock that day.

TSA has reviewed the procedures themselves and agrees that they need to be changed. In the future TSA will inform passengers that they have the option to resolve the alarm through a visual inspection of the article in lieu of removing the item in question. TSA acknowledges that our procedures caused difficulty for the passenger involved and regrets the situation in which she found herself. We appreciate her raising awareness on this issue and we are changing the procedures to ensure that this does not happen again."

I sure wonder how long they've been working on this release, published on their website. They must have worked hard to omit the word "apology" sticking to the importance of "procedures".

The closest they get is "regrets the situation in which she found herself".



Saltistjejen said...

ja, rätt ooootroligt....

JaCal said...

Saltistjejen - ja... suck... extremt dåligt svar - blir bara irriterad.