Friday, March 07, 2008

Hooked on hoodies

A couple of my (Swedish) blog friends are doing something called "Show and Tell" on Fridays. It's kind of fun to see how they interpret the themes ever week. I haven't really had the time this spring to join in, but I thought I do a little "mini" show and tell based on this week's theme "Favorite clothes".

Because I have a little secret.

I'm totally hooked on hoodies...

I don't know where this obsession came from or really when it started. But if I walk into a store I will spot a hoodie first and check it out. I have way, way too many hoodies in my closet (and hardly dare show the Husband if I add one to the collection).

I wouldn't wear them to work or parties, but to almost any other occasion. Totally weird. I don't even ever put the hood up!

I need to detox on hoodies.

(Picture of hoodie from DKNY)


Annika said...

Ja, vad kul om du hänger med på Show and tell, Jacal!
Kul att du kör en liten mini-variant här.
Hoodies för dig är vad koftor är för mig...Detox here we come!!

Saltistjejen said...

Jag älskar också Hoodies!!! :-) Fast jag har ändå inte så många. Å adra sidan har jag en rätt "liten garderob" så rent procentuellt så har jag nog ganska många hoodies ändå... ;-)

Kul att du gör en mini-variant av Show and tell!
Jag joinade för första gånge igår! Det var skoj!
Kanske kommer jag inte hinna/orka hänga på varje tema (varenda fredag) men ska definitivt försöka iallafall.

Ally said...

Funny story, so my brother bought Lukas a hoodie (and he's already owned a few). So I said the word "hoodie" in Swedish and Lukas asked why it's called that. I said, "Because it has a hood, unlike a regular sweatshirt." As you know this conversation was in Swedish so Lukas said, "Well why would you call it a 'hoodie' in Swedish? Shouldn't you call it a 'huvig'?"

Ok only I thought that was cute, but whatever. ;-)

JaCal said...

Annika - ja, vi får se - har läst era med stort intresse - men har haft lite ont om tid själv och en del är verkligen kluriga! Men - blev en mini-variant i alla fall.. Haha - ja, detox-koft/hoodie camp - tror du det finns någonstans??

Saltitjejen - haha - ja, då är vi två! Jag har satt stopp just nu - måste ha kläder utan luva - haha.

Ally - haha - of course! Huvig! That's a great word - I'll start using it right away!

Anonymous said...

I love hoodies too and I also seem to be getting rather a lot of them in my closet. I have been known to wear two at once with one hood sat in the other hood. They have to coordinate of course~I'm not totally mad!!

Desiree said...

Jag älskar också hoodies. Så sköna och mysiga. Det finns så mycket mer sådant att välja bland i detta landet. Sköna, bekväma och gosiga är hoodies. Love love love.

JaCal said...

Britgirl - haha - ok - now I feel good. I only wear them one at a time, so that should mean that I'm not that addicted. ;-)

Desiree - ja... gosiga, sköna... fina... oups - got to stop! Detoxing! ;-)