Thursday, March 06, 2008

Watching Swedish TV at night

On my last visit to Stockholm I ran through Åhléns's DVD department, trying to grab a few Swedish DVDs. Didn't really have time to explore much, spent probably a total of 5 minutes in there (the stores really do close early...).

I came back with the Swedish TV series Labyrint and the Husband and I have now started watching it. It's a total of 9 hours to watch and we're about one third through. It's really interesting to watch Swedish TV series here - it's an abrupt change from the "fast" to the "slow". Not necessarily saying that either one is better. It's just... different.

It seems it got mixed reviews in Sweden, but as always, we're happy to hear Swedish and see all pictures from Stockholm. And it's growing on us... we've started to like it. We'll see how long it will take us to finish it. 9 hours...

You can see a trailer here.


Desiree said...

Trevligt att kunna njuta av lite svenska tv-serier. Just denna har jag faktiskt inte hört något om.

JaCal said...

Desiree - tja, vi har tittat klart. Den tog sig efter ett par avsnitt - men slutet var helt makabert dåligt. Sitter fortfarande och irriterar mig. Tusen lösa trådar i luften och inte säkert det blir en nästa säsong. Jaja - massa fina bilder från Stockholm och alltid kul med lite svenskt. Även om det går lååångsamt ibland.