Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Swedish magazines

I really miss Swedish magazines. When I was standing in the airport shop on Saturday morning in California I couldn't find one American magazine I wanted to buy... Most of them are too much... make up and fashion to me. When I went to the store tonight here in Stockholm to pick up breakfast food for tomorrow morning I just lost myself in Swedish magazines. I love the features, the pictures, the feeling. I really don't know what the difference is - maybe it's just that I don't have them easy accessible.

Oh, well - lot's of nice reading - besides the "leverpastej" and "västerbottenost" and "hönökaka"...


Anonymous said...

Jag haller helt med dig!

Jag ar absolut ingen fan av Amerikanska magasin, men jag alskar Svenska tidningar.

Dottern som har bott fler ar har i USA an i Sverige blir helt lyrisk av att ga in i en Svensk bokaffar eller i Pressbyran for att kopa tidninagr eller bocker.

Det ar annorlunda pa nagot satt.

JaCal said...

Veronika - ja, jag saknar verkligen svenska tidningar. Eller brittiska för den delen också - gillar brittiska tidningar jättemycket. Vet inte vad det är - tror det är bristen på features in de amerikanska.

Melissa said...

Hello. I love your blog. As an American with a Swedish boyfriend for the past 5 years, I'm always curious about Sweden and the American experience, too.

I was wondering if you had any Swedish design or craft magazines you would recommend? It seems like there are tons of Dutch and German ones, but I can't find any Swedish or other Scandinavian ones. Thank you!