Sunday, November 18, 2007

A cold weekend

I've had a slow weekend, the germs finally hitting me, one week after the rest of the family. Didn't get it as bad as the Husband, but not I wasn't good enough to do something fun.

When taking my AlkaSeltzer cold medcine I realized that I have no longer any idea on what cold medicine to take if I would catch a bad cold when in Sweden... I know exactly what I want and what works best of all the things you can get here (24 hours a day mind you, no state owned pharmacies that closes down at 6 pm and are closed on Sundays...).


I better do like a normal tourist and bring my own medicine...

"Finns det svenskt kaffe på hotellet?"*

(*only funny for those Swedes that know their "Sällskapsresan").


Desiree said...

Det är nog bäst att du tar med dig förkylningmedicin till sverige då du åker dit. Den som finns här är mycket bättre. Magnecyl är endast febernedsättande och hjälper mot värk. Men sedan får du handla nässpray separat och har du också hosta får du handla hostmedcin separat. Det känns som om förkylningmedcinen är bättre här. Hoppas du mår bättre nu. Krya på dig.

Anonymous said...

If you remember, in Sweden the use of medications isn't as common as it is in the states. From what I heard, Americans use medications as soon as tomething feels different than it usualy does, or even when everything is as usual just "in case". In Sweden, we allow ourselves to catch the cold, have the cold and wait for the cold to go away by itself.

On the other hand, we get 80% of our salary even if we are not working. Maybe that doesn't happen over there?

Anonymous said...

You just got to the pharmacy (Apoteket) and buy Alka-Seltzer. It's just as easy as that. Could be that some small town pharmacy do not have it but major pharmacies do. On the other hand you might just as well get "Magnecyl brus" since it is generic, the differnce is only name and packageing.


Magnecyl brus:


Anonymous said...

Bring some Tylenol Cold Medication with you. They have both day and nighttime meds.
Works really well, don't leave home without it.

Have a great trip!

JaCal said...

Desiree - ja, framförallt eftersom jag knappt vet vad saker heter...

Magnus - sounds very heroic of the Swedish people... ;-) Even though I'm Swedish, however not living in Sweden currently, I prefer to ease my colds. Espeially when you have kids that really don't care if you're busy taking care of a high fever. ;-)

Jörgen - well, thank you! Good to know! Since it was several years ago since I visited a Swedish pharmacy I hardly would know what to look for any more..

Margoth - I sure will! Then if I need them at 2 am (which is the time when you're usually are feeling the worst) there ready to go! ;-)