Monday, August 13, 2007

Bamse is online

Now you can shop online at Swedish store Lindex. Lindex has the rights to Bamse, so now you can - if you have some one in Sweden nice enough to forward you package (because they can't ship internationally) to you that is - get cute Bamse clothes (being an alien you just love these very Swedish clothes).

They only come up to sizes 116*, so it's only for you kids, haha.

(* 116 = 116 centimeters - a great way to do sizes the way they do it in Europe... you don't need t know if your kid is a big 2-year old or a small 12 month, you just have to keep track of the length!)


Cissi said...

Visst är det synd att de inte skickar utomlands?! En kompis till mig skrev och frågade om de kommer att göra det i framtiden och fick till svar att de först vill se hur det går i Sverige och att chansen finns att de kommer att börja med utomlandsförsäljning. vi kanske ska skriva allihopa och fråga?!

Anonymous said...

Sa synd att de inte skickar borde gora som Cissi skrev.
Trevlig resa och passa pa att njut av ensamheten pa planet!

JaCal said...

Cissi - ja, det får vi göra! OCH säga att de ska sluta att fåna sig med att fokusera på Lille Skutt på tjejkläderna - det är ju Bamse som är allas favorit!

Veronika - det går väl inte översätta "postförskott" eller nått! Haha! Tack - ska njuta och sova och läsa och titta på film och och... ;-)

Michael said...

Do you know where I can find anything Bamse in America? My wife and I just recently discovered Bamse and think he's adorable! But I can't seem to find anything on any pages in English... Help!

JaCal said...

Michael - sorry - I doubt you can find Bamse in the US unfortunately. There might be Swedish online shops that have the DVDs (but they are not translated), but I doubt you can find anything else. I did a quick search in Swedish and found out that there has been a book about him in English (way way back) and that the characters names are:

Bamse = Bamsy
Skalman = Professor Shellback
Lille Skutt = Little Frisky
Vargen = Willie
Katten Janson = SootyBamse = Bamsy
Skalman = Professor Shellback
Lille Skutt = Little Frisky
Vargen = Willie
Katten Janson = Sooty

Maybe that can help you search.

The onnline CD/DVD/Music store has a English/European section. I did a search on Bamse there and it got some results. Not sure if they ship to the US though.


Good luck!

Michael said...

Looks like: a) they only have things in Swedish; b) DVDs are encoded or Region 2; c) prices are only in Euros. Thanks, though. I will keep looking. I haven't given up yet!