Monday, August 13, 2007

Your're going... where?

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't complain people mixing up Sweden and Switzerland or think that Oslo is the capital of Sweden and so on.

At least they know that Sweden exist.

Somewhere in Europe. Which is more to say about the average knowledge of Croatia.

Most people here who have asked me where I'm going tomorrow keep a blank face, obviously not sure if I'm going east or west from the US.

(and I admit it, I had to check the map to be sure of the exact location myself, only having a rough idea on where east of Italy I was going).

(Picture from Wikipedia)


Anonymous said...

That's not surprising! America's the centre of the universe you know!he he!
I mean, why would you even WANT to leave it Jacal? Tut tut!
Have some lovely free time in between work.

Anonymous said...

You mean "east" of Italy?

JaCal said...

Miranda - I will - thanks! I'm off to the airport now!

Matilda - haha - see... gosh...