Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Unpacking is boring

Five weeks worth of packing is about to move back from three suitcases to drawers, washing machine, cabinets and boxes. Rain clothes are to be stowed away until October, new paperbacks to be organized into the bookshelf.

I've been unpacking for two days now and I'm still not done. It feels I'm just moving piles around to new places.

Maybe I can blame the heat?


Anonymous said...

Here's my little secret!
When the kids get older, give them a little pocket money to do it for you! Yes, I am ashamed to say that little jobs that i don't like to do become money making oppertunities for my kids!! I don't beleive in them getting money for nothing and they don't complain when they get to buy nice drinks from Borders and other things for 10 minutes work!!
If you can't wait that long...borrow someone elses kids!!!
lol! (No I didn't pay them to type this message!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh i just noticed that you said you are putting new paperbacks into the bookcases. Cool!
I am still reading the ones that I brought back from England. I brought back loads! (Much to husband's dismay!)
I like my books to be kept nice and i bubble wrapped them! Is that a bit wierd do you think?!!

Cecilia said...

Jösses vilken värme ni har.Ja det är då ingen risk att vi flyter bort i nån värme här,snarare pga allt vatten som kommit ner från himlen.

Anonymous said...

Haller helt med dig Jacal, att packa upp vaskorna efter en resa ar trakigt. Forr kunde det ta veckor...men har forskt skarpa mig sista aren.

Ha garna en blogg vad du kopte for roligt i sverige, vilka bocker(behover lite boktips) mm. For nagot maste ha varit roligt att packa upp anda..:)

JaCal said...

Miranda - haha - something to look forward too! Good to know there are kids in the neighborhood to hire when I get bored! ;-) I like my books to be nice too, I might not bubble wrap them, but I make sure they have a comfy plane trip. I read fluently in English, but it's nice to read in Swedish now and then.

Fundersam Cecilia - ja... ugh... lite kyligare vore inte helt fel just nu...

Veronika - jag brukar vara rätt duktig (normalt har jag ju ostar etc med mig som ska till kylen) men denna gång har det gått segt... den där resan tog på krafterna... somnar mitt i meningar och ibland sittandes upp vid 9-tiden på kvällarna... ska samla ihop till en bok-post - annars hade jag faktiskt osedvanligt lite med mig jämfört med vad jag brukar. Kanske för att jag innan visste att jag hade 4 väskor att släpa själv. Ingen ost denna gång... ;-(