Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's the Fourth!

Despite opinions about the US and Americans around the world, you can't say that Americans aren't great at celebrating. They sure know how to throw a big party. Sports events are fantastic and fun (have you ever heard of baseball hooligans??). There is always a good reason to run a parade through town.

Today is 4th of July, the celebration of independence and other from an American history viewpoint important facts.

Most people will put up American flags, throw hamburgers on the barbecue, light fire crackers (no fireworks except the official) and hang out together with friends and family. Just as Swedes in general aren't really that aware of what June 6 stands for - but the difference is that at least the Americans will celebrate and have fun today, compared to us lost Swedes who still have no idea what to do with our "national day".

Yes, we will barbecue, eat marshmallows and hang out today (no fire crackers however.. I prefer fireworks). You got to take every chance to have fun!

(We also celebrate important days such as "Kanelbullens Dag", eating cinnamon rolls and Våffeldagen, eating Swedish waffles...)


Anonymous said...

We had a lovely time with some American friends too but I don't think much of their fireworks!
Ours in the UK are so impressive and exciting compared to the little things they have here. The poor things aren't allowed to have the big rocket blasting, knock your socks off stuff here are they?!
I guess they are too much of a fire risk.
If they don't make the car alarms all go off, I'm not convinced they are worth having! he he!

JaCal said...

Miranda - no, there should be some real stuff. Not that I would dare shot it off right now... scarily dry out there. And no, haha, fireworks should make car alarms go off! They were pretty busy on our street last night (but I'm to jetlagged to notice... but the street was all messy this morning).