Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Online" banking

I've use online banking in Sweden since 1995. I can't even remember last time I visited a Swedish bank. I do everything online, check my accounts, pay bills, transfer money. I even communicate with the bank through online services. The Swedish bank that is.

When we came here we had to get used to get back to check writing. Eventually our Californian bank offered online banking and we could finally stop writing checks, most of the times.

A couple of days ago I transfered money online from my Californian company account to my private account. Same bank, actually same physical bank office. The money was promptly taken out of my buiness account, but seemed to never show up on my private account. So I went to the bank today (of course open on Saturdays) to figure out where the money had gone, if they were lost in cyberspace.

It was worse. The money was lost in paperspace. See, even though I did a transfer online, the only thing I did was to ask someone in the bank organization to print a check, send it to my bank office by mail, where they will open the envelope, manually type in the transaction and deposit the money into my account, a process that takes about a week.

I would say this is very much non-online-banking.


Anonymous said...

Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones!
Its a bit like going back in time here in the 'good ol' USA isn't it?!!!Shall we laugh or cry?
Feel some sympathy for us. We're trying to buy a car!!!(So how do you not actually lose your temper and hit the salesmen?! We need to know!)

JaCal said...

Miranda - haha! Jupp, in terms of banking and cell phone systems - this is the Flintstone land..

I have no good advice when it comes to car buying, except to bring someone that is not emotionally involved..