Thursday, June 21, 2007

A long busy day

Today is the longest day of the year. It means 18 hours of daylight in Stockholm. Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve - one of the major holidays in Sweden. All day people left the towns for the country side. Our island got more and more busy, more and more boats passed by on the water, on their way out to the archipelago and Midsummer celebrations tomorrow. The roads going out of the cities were jammed.

Tomorrow we will celebrate the summer and the sun. I'm so happy that I'm here, in Sweden, this year!

Happy solstice!


SweFlo said...

Glad midsommar!

Fia said...

Ha en jättemysig midsommar! Kram!

Anonymous said...

Vi saknar er här i Folsom för lite firande imorgon. Det är inte utan att jag längtar hem när jag ser dina fina bilder. Hittade faktiskt din blogg av en slump när jag letade efter midsommar firande i Californien. Vi hörs på mail!!

Anonymous said...