Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Celebrating Sweden

June 6 is Sweden's National Day. And since a couple of years it's also a "red" day in the calender, meaning most people were off. But it's kind of hard to know exactly what you're supposed to do. It's not really a tradition to celebrate...

We did our best out here in the archipelago. It's been a fantastic day! Blue skies, warm sun, and just glorious! We raised the flag on our flag pole, but we hardly saw it since there was no wind today. But now and then a little wind came by and I got one quick picture.

And at 9 pm sharp, we took it down. That's the rule. No flags on the flagpoles over night in Sweden. Even flags have to go to sleep.


SweFlo said...

I think the rule here in the US is no flags between dusk and dawn, but very few of our neighbours head this rule. Just lazy I guess! One even left his flag out in a small hurricane; it was torn to shreds! Naughty, naughty! ;-)

mintid said...

Där busade jag lite...tog ner du nu när matchen var över på Råsunda.
5-0 helt ok! :)

Hoppas din sommar och dina 5 veckor i Sverige blir härliga. Vädret är ju så underbart nu :)

Ha det gott!

Desiree said...

Vilken vacker bild. Så Svenskt bara precis som det ska vara på nationaldagen.

Annika said...

Yes, it is the same rule here with the flag. Oh, it sounds like you guys made the perfect day out of the National Day! And I am so happy that the weather is SO nice!! Hopefully it'll stay that way!

Anonymous said...

Några officiella bestämmelser för flaggning finns inte längre, bara rekommendationer . Undantaget är att på allmän flaggdag skall man flagga svenskt.

Dagens rekommendationer gällande flaggning är, tiden 1 mars - 31 oktober hissas flaggan kl. 08.00, under övriga delen av året kl. 09.00.

Halning sker vid solens nedgång på orten, dock ej senare än 21.00. Undantag för belyst flagga som kan sitta uppe hela natten.

Anonymous said...

Jhopp, nu åkte bucklan ner till dig i Californien! Grr!

JaCal said...

Sweflo - few people around us in the US have flag poles, but I see "commercial" flag poles all over the place where the flag is up all day.

Mintid - ja, jättekul! Missade dock målfesten. Tittade på Skansen firandet...

Desiree - ja, svenska flaggan är extra vacker mot det gröna!

Annika - the weather is SO great! I hope it will stay that way!

Anonym - aha, jag trodde det var regler fortfarande, där ser man. Jaja, vi är av den "gamla skolan", flaggan ner 21.00 på sommaren.

Niclas - inte riktigt säker att jag hänger med där... är jag jet laggad fortfarande... vilken buckla??

malin2 said...

Great picture and what a wonderful time you guys are having in Sweden.
I live by the rule (or recommendation in Sweden) bring flag down at 9pm even here.
Make sure it does not touch the ground. Also I am still trying to learn how to fold the Swedish flag without the yellow showing.
I have to replace my Maple Leaf, at the cottage, since we totally forgot to take it down over the winter.

JaCal said...

malin2 - thanks - yes, we're having a great time (once the jetlag was over...). Oh, we're really traditional - no flag on the ground. I can't get the folding either... You should have a blue/yellow at the cottage!! ;-)