Sunday, May 13, 2007

2 x Mother's Day

By definition I can now be celebrated on Mother's Day. I am a mother. And as I'm an alien mother I can be celebrated twice. Today, on the American Mother's Day and on the Swedish Mother's Day in two weeks. Actually the day I will arrive to Sweden.

Not that I really know what you are suppoused to do on Mother's Day. None in the family hasn't gotten really used to it yet (including me, who sometimes still have to remind myself that I am a fact a mother to someone).

But I got a self made card this morning with my 3-year old's cute letters, stating "Min bästa mamma" ("my best mom"). And the Husband made scones for breakfast. Very, very nice!


Anonymous said...

Aahh. That was a nice surprise then, and scones too!!
Now yes, I should get two lots of things too...good thinking!
(With three children though, maybe I get enough!!)

JaCal said...

Miranda - you should! That is what comes with being an alien! ;-) I think the UK one is in two weeks too? But then, you can only have as many "special days" in a month. Good thing the Swedish Father's Day is in November to space out these days a bit...

Isle Dance said...