Thursday, April 05, 2007

How fast is "quickly"??

Speaking about gas stations... When you pay for your gas (in most places using the ATM/credit card machine by the pump), the instructions on the display is "Insert your card and remove quickly".

This kind of stresses me. On top of the rest of the stress on being on a gas station.

How fast is "quickly"??

Is it half a second or "pretty quick" - and - what happens if you're slow? Will the card disappear? Be demagnetized? The card be debited several times? A loud alarm will sound ("Slow payer - Slow payer"!)?

I'm not taking any chances. So I stand firmly, both feet on the ground, card ready in my hand, focus my eyes on the card slot, take a deep breath - and - insert - remove! You should see me. I'm fast! Fast enough never to (so far...) have gotten any complaints by the machine.


SweFlo said...

That is too funny, it stresses me too with the "remove card quickly". My rational mind knows it is so it can get a good "read", but still... Like any Swede I want to follow directions well, I guess! :-)

Toini said...

LOL, that was fun to read. Yes I do wonder what will happen if you don't remove the card fast.

Annika said...

Thank you ever so much for the MORNING LAUGH!!! Funny!
That is true? How quickly is quicly? Who decides?
It is like that in many places nowadays, at the ATM and at some stores as well.
another thing that is confusing is: when can I swipe my debit card? At the GAP it is after they have scanned all your items, at Barnes and Noble it is the same, but at Safeway you're supposed to swipe the card right away. I am telling you! A lot to deal with!!!
I like your gas-station post below as well. I would totally freak!!!