Thursday, April 05, 2007

A bad joke...

I had to fill up the car today (or as my daughter says, "give the care something to drink"). It was midday, and the gas station closest to our house, otherwise very busy, was almost empty. Only one car there when I pulled in at the same time as a woman in a white SUV type car.

When she started pumping gas, the man in the car already there when we arrived, yelled "hey, that's diesel!". The woman jumped and sort of screamed, pulling back the nozzle from the car. I can just imagine what she was going through (being a gas station phobic). A pure nightmare.... HOW are you going to explain that to anybody (especially the Husband) (and doesn't that completely destroy the car??).

"Just joking", he said then.

Ok. That was NOT funny!!

There should be a sign at gas stations saying "No cell phones, no cigarettes and no bad jokes".

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Fia said...

Jag ser två scenarios om jag hade varit den kvinnan.
1. Jag får hjärtinfark och stendör.
2. Jag får inte hjärtinfark och går över till mannen och nitar honom.

Så gööör man bara inte. Nä.