Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Swedish national anthem

As some commentators noted the other day, the Swedish national anthem is actually played before sports events in Sweden as well.

By chance I stumbled over this clip with Carola, one of the most known Swedish singers (in Sweden... even though she did participate as Sweden's representative in the Eurovision Song Contest last year as well as a couple of years earlier, the first time when she was 16).

She is doing a pretty good job singing the anthem, even though I sometimes thinks her great voice sounds too.... naive?

This is from the beautiful arena Stadion in downtown Stockholm. It's considered big (it was the arena for the Olympic games 1912), but compared to a regular US arena it's... tiny. But - beautiful! And it's a summer day! Not sure about the event, seems to be some kind of a event rather than a regular game - you can see several of the former big Swedish soccer players on the field.

Anyway - this is what the Swedish national anthem sounds like.


Anonymous said...

Hur kommer det sig att hon alltid har vind i hâret och fladdriga kläder? Fniss.

Anonymous said...

Tänk om Carola ändå kunde sluta visksjunga och ta i ända ifrån tårna. Hon har ju röst för det. Få lite Anastasia över det hela. Vilket drag det skulle bli!

Annika said...

I don't like Carola at ALL!!! I really don't! I do NOT understand that she is so big in Sweden. I think she sings in the most naive and childish way. No thank YOU!