Friday, February 02, 2007

Chess and anthems

Speaking about Swedish voices... Another big Swedish voice is Tommy Körberg, one of few Swedish musical theater stars that have actually performed outside Sweden.

Before Björn Ulveaus and Benny Andersson wrote the Abba muscial MammaMia, they wrote the muscial Chess (and in between "Kristina från Duvemåla"). I have never seen Chess - but I love the music! I remember how a friend had the LP-records and we record them on a cassette tapes.

Last year I got the CDs - and I just love the music. The story of the musical is: a big chess game, US vs USSR and love of course and it all takes place in Bangkok.

A couple of years ago they put up Chess in Stockholm in Swedish. Never got to see that either.

Here is Tommy Körberg singing "Anthem" from Chess - one of my favorites.


Annika said...

BIG voice! Beautiful!!!
Björn and Benny have written such wonderful music!

Berit said...

Jag såg Chess i London 1987, det var underbart!

Annika said...

Jacal! Såg du kommentaren till dig på min blogg ang.mandelmassa. World market säljer Odense mandelmassa och marzipan. Bara ett tips. Din hemgjorda är säkert lika god/godare!
Trevlig lördag!

Anonymous said...

Synd bara att han är ett sådant egotrippat as. Han var sanslöt apbra i Les Miserables på Circus också. Ack... måste gå på musikal oftare!

Anonymous said...

So much better than Josh Groban!