Monday, January 29, 2007

What should be our third language??

When we need to keep secrets from our kids, we can't , like parents in Sweden (at least before the kids are in school) speak English and they won't understand us. Perfect when you want to discuss the presence of ice cream or other secrets.

Our kids knows English (well the youngest isn't really speaking yet, but is trying hard). Soon better than us.

So English is out as our "secret language".

Ok. Let's see. What languages are left. The husband took German. I did not. I took Spanish. He did not. We both took French. He for six years and I for four. That's a total of 10 years education in French...

10 equals the number of correct sentences (short!) we can say in French. And none includes the word ice cream.

My favorite comedian on speaking French you learned in school:


Annika said...

Hmmm...ja, svår nöt att knäcka det där. Franskan vill inte räcka till. jag och min man har heller inget hemligt språk att ta till, tyvärr.
Kul youtube!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Franska är ett svårt språk. Efter att ha läst franska i ungefär 6 år minns jag i dagsläget inte egentligen någonting. Kanske ni kan hitta på nya ord för de ord ni inte vill att era barn skall höra. Precis som barn har hemliga språk kan du och din man ha ett hemligt språk

Anonymous said...

rövarspråket kanske?

Isle Dance said...

Oh yes! Too funny and true! Family wanted us to be English speaking only, so they would whisper secrets in Swedish.