Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mrs Husband...

I wonder if I'll ever get used to be called Mrs Husband Lastname...

The Swedish woman in me cringes every time I see this in written.

I just got a letter today to Mr & Mrs Husband Lastname. What happened to me??

I wonder if you get official letters to Herr & Fru Make Efternamn in Sweden?? (I've only been married here so I don't know).

I don't mind being called Mrs Lastname in the store, it's kind of cute (even though I wasn't sure who they were talking about the first time... "have a nice day Mrs Lastname!" Who??) (or maybe I was so unused to someone wishing me a nice day....) even though Mrs" sounds so.... old? (will I ever be older than 22??).

Is it only me who always think of "Mrs Robinson" when I hear "Mrs"... ?

Anyway. On most official forms here you have to state if you are a Miss or a Mrs. Or sometimes a Ms.

A Ms can be both a Miss or a Mrs. So if you want to feel "older" than a Miss, but younger than a "Mrs", I guess "Ms" can be your title of choice.

It's easier to be a man. Then you're always a Mr.


Annika said...

Girlfriend!!! You and me BOTH!! I hate this! HATE! I rememeber when I used to tell Peter that if I ever get an envelope that is addresses to Mrs Peter.B. I would tear it up. I am my OWN person! Not MrsP.B. But the letters keep on coming, and no, I am not tearing them up. But I hate it! The same feeling pops up when I look at wedding announcments in the paper: Mr and Mrs Paul Smith were married on...etc.
Yes, I admit that I am now used to hearing Mrs.B when shopping or volunteering in school, but I don't like it, one bit.

Oh, and hoe do like being called Ma'am? Not so fun. But that happens a lot, almost all the time when shopping.

Toini said...

Same here, I had a hard time to get used to be called ma'am. It's the same up here in Canada.

Isle Dance said...

Using Ms. (or crossing out all of the titles, using none) is the solution. Also, call everywhere you have an account and request that they fix their mistake. They should always fix your name to be how you want it, married or not. It is ((your)) choice. They just have to be informed - and they should be informed. You deserve to be referred to as the individual that you are. You are not alone at all on this!! Can you tell I feel strongly about this??!! Hee. :)