Friday, December 01, 2006

Alien happiness #2!

Another Swedish Alien, Ulrika, e-mailed IKEA US to get confirmation on what was up with our belowed Marabou chocolate. She wrote the answer from IKEA in a comment to the IKEA post last week, but this is so important information I'm making a post of it.

The range of items at the Swedish Food Store in IKEA is serious business. Very serious.

IKEA wrote Ulrika: "We are not showing that the MARABOU chocolate is being discontinued,we are showing that we are having difficulties in receiving this itemfrom the manufacture. We recommend calling IKEA Baltimore at 410-931-5400 in two weeks, to see if they are showing any additional delivery information. "

Yeah! They better be right!

Maybe we Aliens should start a lobbying organization to keep the buyers at the Food Store on their feet and in tune with the desperate needs of Swedish Aliens around the world.

After all - WHO else are going to buy all their tea lights?


Annika said...

Afternoon! Your fellow alien has been to IKEA Woodbridge today. LOTS of chocolate there!
And I got a nice comment from Ulrika too yesterday. THANKS for that, Ulrika!

On blogs written by Swedes in sweden you can see that there is a shortage on tea lights at IKEA there. NOT so here...Got three packs today and there was plenty more to buy..
On the other hand it is only fellow aliens that buy them. We will never, ever run out on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Anonymous said...

A local report from Atlanta, tons of chocolate!! Just we can all relax