Friday, December 01, 2006

Craft Friday??

I was wrong.

Today is not an ordinary day for Californians.

They might not watch the "julkalender", but today is obviously crafts day!?

I had to stop by Michaels this afternoon. Michaels is a huge craft store, like Panduro in Stockholm times 25. I've never been a crafts person. Heck, my brother was better at knitting than I was. But you have to learn the hard way with a toddler in the house. Today the Swedish School is going to make "smällkarameller" ("crackers"). I was assigned to bring tissue paper and empty toilet paper rolls.

I was not alone at Michaels. Probably half or Northen California's population had decided that today was the day to stock up on crafts material. Now Michaels stresses me out when it's empty, so you can imagine my mood when it was crowded.

On top of everything I completely blacked out on the word "silkespapper" and after trying to explain it to a clerk that looked about 15 years old, looking at me as if I was... an alien (!), I had to call the husband who could find it (tissue paper of course!) online... Gaah!


Nils Wärmegård said...

If you want to watch a blogging julkalender, check out my blog...

Julkalendrar är bäst!

Annika said...

Michael's...Isn't that a nice store? Even though you do get "hjärnsläpp" in there.

Och smällkarameller på svenska skolan. Hoppas dem blev fina!