Friday, December 01, 2006

The start of Christmas!

For Californians today is December 1.

For Swedes today is the start of the "julkalender" - the "Christmas calender".

Each day until the grand finale of Christmas in Sweden, December 24, Christmas Eve, you can see (on TV) and hear (on the radio) this yearly program/show.

Oh, it's for kids...

Well, who cares. I'm a Christmas freak so I do Christmas calenders anyway.

Even though thanks to the internet we aliens can see and hear the yearly Swedish "julkalender" online, I (hrm, I mean, my daughter...) will watch the best "julkalender" of all times on DVD: Trolltider!

And while watching, we can eat the chocolate from our Christmas chocolate calenders - you can get them at World Market and Trader Joe's . The greatest thing for Christmas freaks chocoholics - one piece of chocolate a day!


Annika said...

Julkalendern is so NICE!!! Love it!

I think my favorite is Pelle Svanslös, and Mumin. Trolltider is good too

Are you going to watch the new one with your kids?

Anonymous said...

Och om man ber riktigt snällt, kan ett medufo kanske få en liten kopia på trolltider i födelsedagspresent...?