Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's going to rain!!

Today one of my best friends is flying in from Sweden to visit me. I'm looking forward to it, despite having a bad cold (maybe he can help me open those darn prescriptions bottles..).

But. We have had pure sunshine in this part of California since May and today, today, the coulds and the rain will arrive! Isn't that too bad!

I don't mind really if it wasn't for my friend. Five months of sunshine makes you think clouds, wind and occasional rain is kind of nice and fun weather. And the poor meteorologists have had some boring months and deserve something to do.

But knowing it's a snowstorm in Stockholm and the darkness over there in November and how much you worship the sun when you're a Swede, I would have hoped it could have stayed away for a couple of more days. Just to get some sunshine on my friend's cheeks!

(and don't you just like the phrase "intermittent clouds"!)

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