Friday, November 03, 2006

A "mother-in-law cave"

Having guests come visit you when you're an "alien" means that they're staying for a couple of days if not weeks. You don't fly over from Sweden for a "dinner and a movie". Our whole house is organized around this.

When we were house hunting a couple of years ago, we told the relator that we needed a house with a "mother-in-law"-cave. "Mhm", he said, probably wondering exactly what we had in mind doing with this room...

What we wanted was a guest bedroom with a full bath on a separate floor so we could offer some privacy to guests coming over, and since it is our mothers that comes to visit most often, thus the name for it. A place where they could hid out when family life became too much, with their own TV and computer and sofa chair and comfy bed.

It turned out it was a good decision. My mother's week long stays has made my daughter named it "Grandmother's Room". Which sounds kind of nicer than the "mother-in-law-cave" (or as we would say in Swedish, "svärmorshålan").

(No, this is not our guest room (I wish!), it's a room from the IKEA catalog...).

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