Thursday, November 02, 2006

How to open a bottle?

And now I'm talking about a prescription bottle and not a nice, chilled bottle of Chardonnay (in another life...)...

My daughter is sick (and thus so am I now, no way you can escape a toddler's sneezes..) and last night I had managed to convince her, after negotiations that is harder than those in the UN between countries at war, to take a spoon of medicine to help her sleep better through the night. Now my daughter has all the arguments in the world for why she doesn't need any medication so this was huge.

Then it all almost failed on one little detail. I could not OPEN the @$/&%! bottle! It's not that I don't understand the instructions, "push down and turn" is pretty obvious in written, but in real life? Oh, I pushed down and turned until my fingers were red. Maybe in a real lit room, without fever, after more than scattered hours of sleep over night (and a couple of tools from the garage) this can be done easily. Or this "child safety" is just beyond me... My daughter shook her head and said, between coughs, "Do you want me to help you, mommy". And you know what, she probably would have fared better than me. I know for a fact that she can open anything...

(Did she get the medicine? Yep! The husband walked through the door when I had almost given up...).

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