Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I HATE ants!

Gaah! Ants are only funny in the movies. NOT in your house... sigh... Right now they're invading our guest bathroom and we have an advanced war going on.

When we moved into our house a couple of years ago, in May, a little lady from the "city welcome committee" (or something like that) came and payed a visit, with coupons and gifts. She said something about winters being "ant season", but I wasn't paying much attention, because she had said that summers were "spider season" and I thought spiders was the worst insect to encounter so that was the only thing I was hearing (and reconsidering the buying of the house in this city).

Well, I didn't hardly see any spiders that summer and felt pretty good. The insects of California wasn't too bad, I was thinking. We were completely taken by surprise when the winter and the ANTS came. In thousands... We lost that year's ant war... Big time.

But ever since, we've put up a pretty good fight and right now I think the war is 3-1 to us (after four ant seasons). They still come in winter. But we're prepared and we fight.

And I've learned to appreciate spiders in the process. Spiders come one by one (and they eat ants). Ants come one by one ten thousand...

Got to go, have to check the status of the war!


plattfamily said...

I always thought ant season was summer. That is when we fight our wars with them; they kind of go away in winter at our house. I learn something new everyday.

JaCal said...

Down here they usually make their first attack in September and we fight them until December. But this year they showed up in July already... Must be he global warming... even the ants are confused and don't which one is their season! ;-)