Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A little color makes shopping easier

I'm slowly getting used to shop with one-colored bills (well, actually... I mostly use my credit card come to think of it...). But I really miss those colorful Swedish bills (and had Sweden voted yes in the referendum a couple of years ago, we would have used the Euro bills like most other Europeans...).

I'm sure one of my first "dollar bill mistakes" would have been avoided... paying the pizza delivery guy about $40 too much the first time we had ordered pizza and the husband was in the shower when the pizza arrived...

I'm still not allowed to pay the pizza guy.

7 years later.

Unless I use the online service to pay with my credit card.

I blame it on the lack of color. The darn bills look the same...


Annika said...

As always, you hit the spot, girl! I agree!!!
However, I wish Sweden would had voted yes in the referendum a couple of years ago.
Men svenska kronor är fina och färglada!!!

JaCal said...

I agree - and would we have voted yes we would have the colorful Euro bills (and soooo much easier when traveling)! More color to the world! ;-)