Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where is that weekend??

It's only Wednesday, but I can't wait for the weekend... I always wondered why do American calenders start with Sunday?! And end with Saturday? I will never get used to this and keep asking my family in Sweden to send Swedish calenders because I get all confused and keep writing things on the wrong day since I'm used to weeks starting with Mondays. But this doesn't solve the confusion problem since I then forget the American holidays, which of course are not marked in the Swedish calender... And with the Sunday on one side and the Saturday on the other of the sheet, how do people mark what they are going to do for a weekend?? When the Saturday and Sunday is not together? Big mystery... because I know for a fact that my friends around here do things "over the weekend" and mean a Saturday followed by a Sunday. They just have to write it twice in their calender...?

On the other hand, it sure would be nicer with a week starting with a Sunday, a nice and free day, and the manic Mondays being just the second day of the week... Hm...


Annika said...

God, Girl! I love your posts! You are always right on the money!
I so totally AGREE!!! it took me years to get used to the American calenders. And, no, it does NOT help to have a Swedish calender either, you've gotta see the holidays. Here.

Jobbigt :-))

plattfamily said...

I have never seen a Swedish calendar, but I agree about the week starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. Makes it hard to keep track of what is planned for a weekend at a glance. I print our calendar from Outlook so all our appointments are already on it and the week starts on Monday. And, since we are both state workers, I have no problem remembering holidays. :)