Monday, November 27, 2006

Alien happiness!

When getting the mail in the mailbox today (which means a little walk to the big mailbox for every house on the street - no little cute private mailboxes here on our street) it was more like a lottery win!

Normally the little box contains bills and junkmail. Today it contained three (!!) big envelopes with Christmas gifts, one big envelope with my Swedish magazines (Elle and Damernas Värld), one small envelope with Swedish saffron (yeah, now I can make "lussebullar"!) - and - the best of all - an envelope with the Swedish magazine Mama and the newest taste of Marabou chocolate! Marabou Daim (thank you so much, Cissi!)

If you want to know what can make a poor alien cry on a Monday - you just learned!


Anne-Marie said...


Roligt att du hade hittat till min blogg!
Jag förstår precis hur du känner dig. Att kunna glädjas åt saker som man, när man bodde i Sverige, tog för givna. Jag blir lika glad varje gång jag går till brevlådan och det finns något från Sverige där.

Annika said...

Nice!!! Especially all the mags! Lovely! Now you can curl up on the couch and read and eat daim...Mmmm....

same here, jacal, no cute mail boxes for me either...Our mail boxes in our TH area looks just like yours...