Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is there a new trend?

Is it just me who wonder about these "child-women" in the ads? I found this ad in Target's Christmas catalog that arrived yesterday... it reminds me about the girl in the Linens 'N Things ad I saw the other day.

What is that mascara? White? Not even real grown-up women wear white mascara (or I'm I getting old...?). Or is it just to look fun? (maybe I lost my sense of humor?)

Is this Target's (or Canon's?) way to say that real cool girls not only need an iPod or (as it says in the ad text) a "hot video game", but a $299.99 Canon PowerShot camera to complete the right look?

And what does that rabbit has to do with it...? Is it the rabbit she is going to capture with the camera?


Anonymous said...

Pedofilreklam skulle jag vilja säga; sân där reklam skulle inte funka här i frankrike!


Annika said...

Nä, den gillar jag inte. Jag är annars ett stort fan av Target, men den här annonsen var inget vidare. Alls.
Precis, what's up with all these Jo Bennet Ramsey like ads??? scary!