Thursday, July 01, 2010

Summer in Sweden - and in California

After a very busy spring I took off with the kids for a couple of very busy weeks in Sweden. Working and visiting isn't a good combination. You'll end up in a weird situation when friends and family assume you're "home" when in fact you're "away" - far from routines and practicalities,  The kids thinks they are "away" and me - I'm stuck in the middle. Four weeks run fast when you're trying to do everything - but we got it all done - Junibacken, Gröna Lund, Skansen, Old Town, eating ice cream in Kungsträdgården, fish herring, archipelago boat. And - we were lucky with the weather (only Swedes will get that part).

I came back to California a wreak - needing vacation from my vacation. ;-) The good thing about summer in California is that sun is guaranteed. No more packing a sweater and a rain coat "in case of" - you can pack away everything until October.

A few random pictures from Sweden this summer:

A real moose. Alive.

I'm I the only one who has this labyrinth at Skansen as a firm childhood memory?
The alien in me almost cried when I saw my kids run through it - 30 some years later.

Swedish strawberries and a Swedish Tant.


Anna, Fair and True said...

"A Swedish tant" hahaha :)

J | Swedish Alien said...

Såg först efteråt att jag fått med henne - jag siktade på havet av jordgubbar på Hötorget... men hon fick vara med. ;-)

Ms. Adventuress said...

I love that your children get to retrace your childhood steps - every summer! What a blessing. I recently visited a very large labyrinth, so now I'm going to have to check out Skansen's next time I'm in Sweden.