Friday, April 02, 2010

Long-haul flights - part of being an alien

When I flew back from Sweden, I had to go through Frankfurt. That means that you'll end up on a jumbo, either United's or Lufthansa's. Both are horrible. The are huge, old and outdated. I ended up on Lufthansa's flight and was squeezed in in the back cabin. The jumbos have not inflight entertainment, the only entertainment on the flight is on small screens in the ceiling. On the 11-hour flight, they showed 2 movies, both of which I had seen coming to Europe.

Luckily I had no one next to me so at least I could move around a bit and sleep and with my extra battery to my iPhone and bag of paperback books I picked up at PocketShop at Arlanda I  had my own entertainment. But 11 hours... that's a loooong time to be squeezed in.

This is what you'll stare at for 11 hours on the flight between Frankfurt and San Francisco. 

Why is it called "legroom"?


Isle Dance said...

Oh, that flight, I know. Gah!

Anna, Fair and True said...

Even on Sri Lankan air they have individual screens! However not choose your own films but at least a wide range of films playing on different channels (though you couldn't pause). Legroom (yeah, why??) was not that good though; the SAS flight on the last leg of the trip had more leg room.

sundownerin said...

ohh jes, you are right.... these flights...... buhuhuhu

Karl said...

Haha jag vet precis hur det är med för lite benrum på flyget.
Är 2 meter lång. Och det blir inte bättre av att personen framför fäller bak sin stol! :P