Friday, November 20, 2009


If you visit Stockholm in November, you should brace yourself for gray skies and rainy weather and my three days in Stockholm this November where just like that. I didn't see the sun at all during my time, even though my Brother called from the suburbs one afternoon, claiming he could see it. When I left Stockholm there had been 3 hours of sun since the beginning of the month. I'm not sure if that is record low, or just normal.

Even though I've never liked fall, I can't remember that it bothered me that much when I lived there. Fall kind of grew on you and slowly, slowly it got darker. But when you fly in from sunny California, your body is not only jetlagged, but sunlagged too.

But never mind the weather and the darkness (it gets dark at 3.30 pm now - and it's going to get worse before it gets better) - this is Stockholm - my hometown! Even though I spent most of my days in the office and hardly had time to leave during this record short stay - it's still Stockholm...

My brother was nice enough to lend me a suitcase so I could get Christmas gifts back home - and had let me used their mailbox for my advance online shopping. But oh, how I would have loved to have more time in Stockholm - meeting family and friends and gone walking and fika and just enjoying. In the rain and darkness - I wouldn't have mind!

View from my hotel window - picture taken at 8 am.

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Anna, Fair and True said...

Det blev till slut 17,5 timmar sol i november för Stockholm. Men det normala är 55 timmar (och det är MEDEL)! Så även om november brukar vara mörk så var ju detta helt extremt! Även om dagarna är korta brukar det ju ändå vara soligt de timmar de i ljust. I alla fall varannan dag eller nåt. Novembers medeltemp var även varmare än oktober! Men då var ju oktober onormalt kall också.

Sunlagged var ett bra ord!