Wednesday, November 18, 2009


After my quick visit to Paris  I headed off to Brussels, taking the train from Gare du Nord. Oh, the memories... I've passed through Gare du Nord a number of times, on my way to adventures in Europe or on my way back home with empty pockets. The train announce sign is still the same! The train ride is pretty quick - 1 hour and 20 minutes - from one European capital to the other.

Brussels is one of those cities I've have no real relationship too. I've passed through quickly with friends once, driving from Paris to Hauge in the Netherlands. And I think we did stop there in 1978 on our car trip to Paris with the family - but if so - I can't remember much.

Not that my stay in Brussels was very extensive this time around either - two days of intensive meetings and conferencing. But - one of the things I got to see was the European Parliament. We were greeted by one of the Swedish MPs and guided through the procedures and processes of the EU - really, really interesting. And - I have a much more visual idea about the EU now - when I've seen "it". Well, at least the building...

After picking up some TinTin items at the Brussels airport - I headed up to Stockholm.

The announcement sign at Gare du Nord in Paris.

The European Parliament.

The entrance to the European Parliament.

A blurry picture of the assembly hall at the European Parliament.

Parts of the Berlin Wall outside the EU in Brussels.

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Anna, Fair and True said...

Jag var också en sväng till Bryssel nyligen men det var ännu kortare, bara över dagen. Kul att bli guidad av en MEP. Man får alltid reda på mer då.

Jag var i Berlin nyligen också och såg muren på plats så att säga, det som är kvar, men en del delar har de alltid skickat till Bryssel (och kanske andra städer?)?