Friday, September 18, 2009

Starting out fall with swine flu

One would think that working from home would keep you pretty safe from catching the flu - after all you don't meet that many people during the week except your family and you can keep hand washing and other germ techniques pretty controlled. On the other hand - maybe that's why you catch it more easily?

Let's just say that now I know what it feels like when you get the swine flu. And it's not pretty. I have been confined in the guest room and guest bathroom away from the rest of the house, with a cough that made my head explode, wheezing air pipes, fever and chills.

Why wait until there the real flu season begins or until the vaccines are available when you can start off your fall with a little H1N1 virus?


Anna, Fair and True said...

It seems to have calmed down in Sweden now. But who knows, maybe it will soon pick up again. But wouldn't it be ironic if this flu just disappeared and we had produced all that vaccine in vain?!

JaCal said...

Anonymous - yup - me and my DR are pretty sure that was the thing since it was the flu, no other flus going around, swineflu has been confirmed in the Daughter's school and I had all the respiratory issues that comes with the swineflu.

Anna - yes, that sure would be interesting... I have heard a lot of people - grown-ups and kids that had it over here and most of them pretty mild. Right now we're suspecting our kids had it even though we wrote it off as regular quick colds at the time.