Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is this woman for real??

The last couple of days there has been lots of buzz in Sweden around a woman named Anna Duck - oups - Anna Anka that is, married to the famous Paul Anka (anka = duck in Swedish). She is in some show called "Swedish Hollywood Wifes", broadcasted on Swedish television and the other day she wrote an... article...? on Newsmill, one of the newssites in Sweden (then later it was debated whether she actually had written it herself or if one of the editorialists had written it) (either way it didn't make it better).

This woman, born in Sweden, moved to the US and eventually marrying Paul Anka, has the most weird view of American men and life in the US compared to Sweden. I'm way to lazy to translate everything she has written but here is some of the stuff:
A real American man panics if he is alone with the child for more than 20 minutes. American dads don't cook and don't iron, they work and supports their families. American men appreciates their wifes however, they are very romantic. They write notes, calls and leaves love messages on the phone. Swedish men never do that. In return they get women with style. As a housewife you are to support in any way. You should be good looking and stylish. Sexually it's the womans duty to make sure the man is satisfies, if not she can only blame herself if he is unfaitful.
Maybe she is trying to provoke or be funny or just get attention and earn a lot of money in the process. The only funny part is that her last name is Anka.

When you read this stuff I'm glad it's in Swedish. You feel embarrassed being a Swedish Alien when reading this womans rants... rich Hollywood wife or not...


Anna, Fair and True said...
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Anna, Fair and True said...

I removed my comment because I wrote something wrong and was going to correct that and then put it back in. But my copy and paste function didn't work properly! Argh!

Anyway, what I said was that she was not as bad in the show as I thought she would be, after hearing and reading lots of stuff. Her article (irrespective of whether she wrote it up or not) is still bad; it clearly shows her weird views about men and women and life in general. But she wasn't as bad in the episode I watched (the first one) as I thought she would be. She seemed to be slightly ironic or mocking her own life. That it was a little bit crazy to live like this and how funny it is that fans can love an artist so much. But she has obviously still grown used to such a life and adopted some diva stuff.

It will be interesting to see the next episode. I'm also going to read her article properly.

Carlos said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhggggggg!!!!me parece que ella esta con la cabeza llena de espuma y tonterias es una desocupada que no tiene nada que hacer en la vida mas que decir idioteces...
Yo soy de california y mi esposa es sueca y no somos como dice esta chica de apellido pato!!!anka,duck anka o como sea!!!
Ella habla de su vida creo y sus experiencias en cuanto a su marido...ella vive una vida poco comun comparada con los millones de suecos o suecas en el mundo...solo quiere publicidad...!!!she is following just be a little bit more famous with her comments!!! a complete stupid women in my opinion!!!
aaagggghhhhh!!!! many other in hollywood...
swedish man and american man are normal people too!!!
And please don´t call her a DIVA...she is not Sophia Loren,Gleen Cloose or Elizabeth just another girl so you can find here in sweden around the corner!

JaCal said...

Anna - I've heard that she is better "live" than in "print" and hopefully that's the case. Otherwise she is getting a lot of airtime despite having nothing to say... ;-) I haven't seen the show - only read what's been in the paper - and her "debate article". In general I like "alien" views of Sweden and the US - because it put things in new perspectives - but some of the things in her article was just plain "plump". Got to see if I can catch the show - would be nice to see how other Swedish aliens are doing down south - haha!

Carlos - my 3-years of Spanish is not enough to completely comprehend your comment - even though I got the essence of it. ;-)