Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A trip to San Diego

I surprised the Husband with a four day visit to San Diego, celebrating his 40th birthday. I had planned it for over six months and thought it all was ruined when United made an automatic itinirary call three weeks ago and I didn't get to the phone in time... But since the ticket United called about was only for me (I had a airfare voucher since my Frankfurt incident last year) the Husband didn't connect the dots - and thought I was going somewhere or that it was a mistake. I really thought the surprise was ruined and it was only when we got to the airport checking in, I realized he really didn't know where we were going. He learned about the four day trip a week in advance - but I never said anything about where (silently thinking he already knew...).

We left the kids at our house in the care of our wonderful nanny who had taken on the kids, bracing for lack of sleep... Since we don't have family around - going away without the kids is really rare - actually it has never happened since our Daughter was born in 2003... Now we were going to get four days, three nights with uninterrupted sleep... (so we were a bit bummed when we were wide awake at 7.13 am the first day... even the kids back home had slept in until 8 am...).

Unfortunately the ship wreck dive in Wreck Alley in the pacific I had organized for the Husband on his birthday was cancelled due to rough waves that days. But we quickly made other plans and in the end I think the birthday turned out pretty good.

We had four wonderful days, exploring San Diego and its surroundings with our rental car and with Coronado as our base camp. We stayed at Lowes Coronado with a fantastic view of the bay, the San Diego skyline and the sea from our balcony. At the end of the four days we were checking out real estate listings - wouldn't it be nice to have a house with beach access...


Anna, Fair and True said...

Jag har hört så mycket bra om San Diego. Vi hade tyvärr inte tid att åka dit nu när vi var på västkusten (vi flög till LA och bilade sedan norrut på PCH till San Francisco). Men en dag hoppas jag åka dit! Du får gärna berätta mer om staden!

JaCal said...

Anna - ååååh, supernajs ställe helt klart... perfekt väder och åh så nära till varma havet... Mycket trevligt! Jag föredrar helt klart SD före LA! Ja, jag ska kanske skriva lite mer om intrycken och göra en lite längre slideshow.

Annika said...

Ja, SD är verkligen en mysig stad! Jag var där för---låt se---19 år se! SICK, I think it is time to head west again!
Tyckte så mkt om den!
Vad kul att du och din for på den här lilla minisemstern!!

JaCal said...

Annika - jaaa - det är det verkligen då! Vi hade såå härligt - så glad att vi kom iväg precis som planerat denna gång.