Friday, August 07, 2009

Having fun at Six Flags

As an "end of the summer" treat - we took the kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for a day of play before school starts. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a huge amusement park - they have all kids of rides - combined with a zoo and a aquarium. You can see "shows" with dolphins, sea lions, elephants, tigers, killer whales, you can see giraffes, camels, butterflies, sharks, turtles. You can ride huge roller coasters or hang out in the Looney Tunes area for kids. It is a full day's entertainment and you have to pick a day when it's cooler - our you will melt away in the heat since it's located in a valley and the cooling wind will have problems to find you.

After a day at SixFlags you are totally exhausted and done with amuesements parks for a full year...

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