Friday, June 19, 2009

Midsummer Eve

There is something about Midsummer Eve - there is magic in the air. No matter the weather. But it's easier to feel the magic if it's not pouring rain... I've always loved this day - it's one of my favorite holidays of the year and the years when I haven't been able to make it back to Sweden and have been trying to improvise celebrating on a regular Friday in a hot California - I've been pretty homesick. So even though it's nice with a sunny Midsummer - in the end - it doesn't really matter to me - it's just great to be here, in Sweden, for this special day.

We had set our expectations low in terms of weather, polishing our rain gear and planning to make flower garlands with wet flowers and leaves.

But we got lucky - the sky actually opened up and we saw blue skies. We even could wear short sleaves which is a first in weeks. We could have the traditional Midsummer lunch outside as well as our dinner. We only had a few hours midday without the sun in sight. At 3 pm, when it was time to head to the common on the island and dance around the Midsummer Pole it started raining - but with an island full of Scandinavian Vikings you wouldn't even know it rained - the little frog dance and the rocket exit was done with force and power - despite the pouring rain.

But we could dry up on the porch, eating the mandatory strawberry cake. We picked our seven flowers before going to bed and when the day was over - it sure had been a pretty nice and traditional Midsummer.

Swedish summer clouds. I bet I'll miss them later this summer
when there will be no clouds in sight in Northern California.

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