Monday, May 25, 2009

Packing bags

Instead of taking off for the weekend like most friends did – I sent the family off and had the house to myself. Not to enjoy but to pack. The packing for five weeks in Sweden in June and July needs to include a variety of stuff. Rain boots, swim suit, fleece sweater, shorts. It could be +12C and rainy or +28C and sunny. You just never now – and sometimes the weather changes during the day. In other words – in Stockholm there is actually “weather” compared to summer here – when it’s just sunny all the time. After spreading out stuff all over the house - after four hours I had packed four suitcases (one big, three small - just  so you don’t think I’m over doing it) and all the hand luggage – including tickets, passports etc. 

I have a serious amout of electronics with me - loaded with new movies. After all - a movie is 1,5 hour long - and you need every minute of entertainment for the kids...

Now I only need to add my laptop, work files and the kids' shoes and we’re ready for our 26 hour trip door to door next Friday. Or ready… well, prepared. I’ll be very happy when it’s over. 

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