Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good neighbors

On our little cul-de-sac several houses are renters, ie they were bought as speculation houses and have been rented out from the start. For years we had pretty bad luck with our renting neighbors - none stayed long, they have been strange and most of all - they haven't really cared about the street. 

Until about 1,5 years ago - when we had a family who moved in across from us, choosing to rent rather than buy. We hit it off from the start - they had kids the exact age as ours and they were just very nice to hang out with. The cul-de-sac looked like a amusement park some days, filled with bikes, balls and chalk drawings. We would take turn watch the kids - giving each set of parent some more free time around the house. And the kids really liked each other. 

Then came the economic downturn... and our neighbor lost his job a couple of weeks ago. That means among other things no health insurance through his job and considering they are expecting their third child - this isn't a very optimal situation. 

Two weeks ago they took a trip back to family in Salt Lake City, and the fact that they haven't yet returned probably indicates that they will try to resettle there - closer to the family and support. 

It that is the case our little cul-de-sac will be so very, very quiet again... Good neighbors are sure hard to find. 


TinTin said...

Det var verkligen tråkiga nyheter! Förstår att ni är ledsna.

Christina said...

That's too bad -- good neighbors are beyond measure. We live in a small college town, so have had many transient neighbors, mostly students, in the dozen years we've lived here. The young families were the best.

JaCal said...

TinTin - ja, vi hoppas att vi har fel - men tyvärr tror vi knappt själva på det... det vore helt logiskt för dem att flytta... och usch det kommer verkligen minska den dagliga livskvaliteten...

Christina - they sure are! We haven't been spoiled on our street - we didn't know what we were missing - and now it's going to be soo quiet... I can only imagine the changes you go through in a college town!

Anonymous said...

Vad trakigt for er och speciellt for dina barn, att forlora sina lek
kamrater. Hoppas allt ordnar sig for dom, usch hemskt att forlora jobbet i dessa harda tider.

Anna, Fair and True said...

Vad tråkigt! Hoppas ni har en mejladress och kan hålla kontakten!