Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Water vilolation

Today we got a water violation by the city. It was stuck on our door at 10 am. The "water inspection unit" of whatever they are called claimed that we were watering on the wrong day.

A little background: our city is under a "Water Alert Stage 2" due to this year being unusual dry. So far we haven't have any of the big winter storms blowing by and if you want to go skiing up in the mountains there hardly is any natural snow (we never get snow around here). Water Alert Stage 2 means that the citizens are to be extra careful with water, only water on certain days and during certain hours etc.

We are dutifully following the schedule. Since our house number is "odd" we are to water our lawns and plants only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. And so we do. And we (the automatic sprinkler system that is... ) also water in the middle of the night - well within the hours you are allowed to water (10 pm - 10 am).

However - since it is colder and hasn't been as sunny - by the time they inspected at 10 am - the sidewalk was still wet... several hours after watering the night before!! But still, the inspection unit claims we have watered on the wrong day... Not sure how we can prove they were wrong, our sidewalk wasn't "dry" until late afternoon... some 18 hours the actual watering.


Ally said...

Was there are fine? How much?

JaCal said...

Ally - no - we don't think so. The neighbors got the same note and seems you just get a notice. Weird... and annoying - we are really following the rules and are doing our best. Oh, well.