Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

While I was having a 6.30 am phone conference this morning, things were heating up around the stores. Today is The Big Shopping Day here, also known as Black Friday. Yesterday's morning paper is the thickest of the year, filled with ads for all sorts of deals you can get today - especially if you like getting up early. Some stores opened at 4 am - and sure - you really could get some good deals, especially in electronics. Things even turned deadly... a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death with the 2000-something crowd crashed the doors at 5 am.

I prefer to stay home - check my promotion e-mails and slowly check through the online stores - most of them offer free shipping on Black Friday. Why get out into the crowds when you can sit home, find exactly what you want - and get it delivered to your door for free.


Isle Dance said...

So true!

Anna, Fair and True said...

Tydligen så ville folk fortsätta shoppa och protesterade när de skulle stänga affären efter dödsolyckan. Helt sjukt!

BritGirl said...

I expected lots of baby stuff to be discounted in Babies R Us but there wasn't much at all really. We got a few dollars off some Pampers (that after opening I think will be far too small for our size of newborns!) and that was about it!
No good crib or stroller prices. Sigh!

JaCal said...

Isle Dance - ;-)

Anna - ja, det var verkligen en tragisk historia.

BritGirl - no, you better keep your eyes open online and shop when it's free shipping days. They do have coupons now and then. I'm an Amazon fan - especially with their "Free Super Saver Shipping..